The National Building Easton, PA

VM Development Group, LLC is a real estate development and construction management firm with a focus on historic preservation and a specialization in the redevelopment of underutilized and challenging sites.

By using existing buildings as the base for it’s restoration projects, VMD is able to design projects to maintain many of the original, unique and historic characteristics of a building. By fostering public/private partnerships, working with a small group of key investors and clients, and utilizing tax credit and other incentives, VM Development Group has created unique investment opportunities which have also bolstered communities in their urban revitalization efforts. This sustainable approach has allowed the team to complete multiple award winning projects in the New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania area.

VM Development Group’s projects are not limited to adaptive reuse. VMD team members have completed new construction projects including both large and small residential units, mixed-use buildings, office, retail and commercial condominiums.

VMD has successfully utilized its construction management services on it’s projects and has exhibited superb project management, flexibility and value engineering capabilities.

VM Realty, LLC, a division of VM Development Group, is a full service brokerage and property management company. VM Realty represents and manages the company’s diverse array of commercial and residential properties.
The principal members, Mark Mulligan and William Vogt, have been working in real estate development, property management and commercial sales and leasing for over 30 years. They own and operate over 750,000 square feet in the NJ/PA region, as well as multiple properties in five states.